Finalist 2023-24

Jasmine Naziha Jones

Play: Baghdaddy



Jasmine Naziha Jones

Synopsis: “Congratulations! Your pain is commercially viable!” Baghdaddy is a playfully devastating coming-of-age story exploring the complexities of cultural identity, generational trauma, and a father-daughter relationship amidst global conflict.


Cast Breakdown: Darlee – Female
Dad – Male
Elder Qareen – Female
Young Qareen – Female
Jinn - Any gender expression


Set/Costume Requirements: The play has been written to be as minimalist or maximalist as the company chooses; black box or big bucks - the choice is yours!




Instagram: jazz_naz_jones


Agent: Florence Hyde @ United Agents


Bio: Jasmine is a writer and performer. Her debut play, Baghdaddy, premiered downstairs at the Royal Court Theatre in 2022. In 2023 she was writer on attachment at the Royal Shakespeare Company and under commission for The Globe Theatre’s ‘Burnt At The Stake’ co-production with Hannah Khalil and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. Jasmine has several scripted projects in development.


Baghdaddy at The Royal Court Theatre, London. Photos by Helen Murray.