Ruby Thomas
Ruby Thomas

2023 Finalist

Linck & Mülhahn

Synopsis: Dashing soldier Anastasius Linck has no intention of falling in love, but a chance encounter with the rebellious Catharina Margaretha Mülhahn changes everything. As they begin to forge a relationship that breaks boundaries and rejects the rigid rules of their society, they find themselves confronted by a world determined to tear them apart. This epic and playful modern love story is inspired by eighteenth century court records and the extraordinary true lives of a gender pioneering couple.

Cast Breakdown: 1 NB, 4 F, 5 M

Set/Costume Requirements: In the first production there was a central piece of set with two levels on top of a revolve, which helped to create the split scenes. However these are not necessities; the settings could be created entirely out of light. The main requirement is that the world of ACTS I-III be dimly lit, with the tenebrous magic of a painting by the likes of Joseph Wright of Derby. It should have a slightly worn, homely quality to it, but there should also be a febrile, glowing mystery in its dark corners and secret encounters. By contrast, the second world (of ACTS IV-V) should feel bright, clinical and almost a-historical, with less room to hide. The costumes follow the same rules. For ACTS I-III the more authentic to the period they can be the better. In ACT IV they can be slightly cleaner, colder, darker. In ACT V Anastasius and Catharina should be dressed in naturalistic contemporary clothes, as described in the text.


Agent: Mel Kenyon at Casarotto Ramsay

Play Service: Published by Faber

Bio: Ruby Thomas is an actor and writer from London. Her plays Either (2019) and The Animal Kingdom (2022) were produced by Hampstead Theatre downstairs and her short play Romy & Me was part of the Living Newspaper at the Royal Court (2020). She was chosen for the Channel 4 Playwrights’ Scheme (2020), received a Jerwood Commission from the Royal Court (2021) and was nominated for the George Devine Award (2022) for Linck & Mülhahn. She is currently developing plays on commission for the Royal Court and Annapurna and a musical for Birmingham Rep. For television she is writing an episode of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder for Moonage and the BBC as well as developing other original projects.