Katie Holly
Katie Holly

2023 Finalist

Her Hand on the Trellis

Synopsis: Bernie happily cares for her ailing mother Bridge in a ramshackle house, slightly outside the community, both geographically and mentally.  Forces outside the house attempt to control her choices and her future, while she desires to retain her childish status quo.  The question becomes, is it easier to submit?  Or to rail against the powers-that-be, no matter how futile the attempt at autonomy may be? 

Cast Breakdown: 1 man (40s), 2 women (40s), 1 woman (60s)

Set/Costume Requirements: A house that is disintegrating, costumes reflect little or no care for what ‘looks good’, and lean more towards practicality

Playwright contact

Bio: Katie Holly is a graduate of Drama and Theatre Studies in University College Cork, where she subsequently completed a Masters in Irish Literature.  Her first three plays Marion (2016), Sharon (2017) and Crowman (2018) premiered at Cork Midsummer Festival and all toured regionally and/or nationally.  Sharon was recorded and broadcast as a radio play on Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE Radio 1 and won a New York Festival Silver Award for ‘Best Digital Drama’ in 2019.  She was commissioned by Cork County Council to write and produce Crossword (a touring play for Bealtaine Festival 2019) and Pageant (a short play for Cork Culture Night 2020).  In 2021 Katie was invited to be a participant in the Irish Theatre Institute’s artist program ‘Six in the Attic’.  In the same year, she received a Theatre Bursary for the development of her practice and began writing ‘Her hand on the trellis’ (both of which were kindly funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, and supported hugely in development by Julie Kelleher and Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow, as well as Sophie Motley and Everyman Theatre, Cork).  In 2022 Katie is invited to be a participant in the Maven’s Playwright Program, a professional development programme providing career support for female identifying writers.  In 2022/2023, Katie is completing a residency in Everyman Theatre, Cork under the mentorship of Enda Walsh and as part of this residency is writing a new comedy called Blindspot, made possible by the support of the Arts Council of Ireland.