Kae Tempest
Kae Tempest

2022 Finalist


Synopsis: A reimagining of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, set on a ravaged island whose residents make their lives amidst the rubble of civil war, extreme weather events and un-recyclable refuse. A wounded solider, abandoned in this wreckage and left alone for a decade, is suddenly required to rejoin the fight. A young solider is tasked with bringing the outcast home, if they don’t succeed, the war is lost.

Cast Breakdown: All female cast. 13 parts.

Set/Costume Requirements: at the directors discretion. There are 3 soldiers and a chorus of 9 women who sleep out on the beach in a make shift camp.


Agent: Becky Thomas

Play Service: Picador

Bio: Kae Tempest is a poet. They are also a writer, a lyricist, a performer and a recording artist. They have published plays, poems, a novel, a book length non-fiction essay, released albums and toured extensively, selling out shows from Reykjavik to Rio de Janeiro. They received Mercury Music Prize nominations for both of the albums Everybody Down and Let Them Eat Chaos and two Ivor Novello nominations for their song-writing on The Book of Traps and Lessons. Their new album, The Line is a Curve, is released in 2022. They were named a Next Generation Poet in 2014, a once in a decade accolade. They received the Ted Hughes Award for their longform narrative poem Brand New Ancients and the Leone D’Argento at the Venice Teatro Biennale for their work as a playwright. Paradise, their acclaimed version of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, ran at The National Theatre in 2021. Their books have been translated into eleven languages and published to critical acclaim around the world. They were born in London in 1985 where they still live. They hope to continue putting words together for a long time.