Anusree Roy
Anusree Roy

2018 Finalist

Trident Moon

Synopsis: India, 1947. Six women, three Muslim and three Hindu, hide inside a coal truck as it speeds through the newly-divided Hindustan. Nothing will prevent Alia getting to West Bengal. Her former employers are now her captives and she will have revenge for what they have done, even if she has to harm the child she has spent her life raising.
Violence and hatred threaten to engulf those inside the truck, as thick and terrifying as that which can be heard outside in the streets. But suddenly the truck stops, and the women must find what unites them in order to have any chance of survival…

Cast Breakdown: Cast of Ten: 9 women. 1 man. Everyone speaks with an Indian accent.
Alia: Late thirties.
Bani: Mid thirties.
Arun: Ten.
Rani: Early fifties.
Pakhi: Late twenties.
Heera: Six.
Sonali: Early twenties.
Sumaiya: Early Sixties.
Munni: Twelve.
Lovely Raj Singh: Nineteen.

Costume Requirements: The play takes place inside a coal transport truck during 1947. It’s travelling from East Pakistan to India.  In the first production the actors were dressed in naturalistic costumes from that time period.

Agent: Ian Arnold at The Catalyst.

Bio: Anusree Roy is a Governor General’s Award nominated writer, and actor whose work has premiered internationally. Her plays include: Little Pretty and the Exceptional, Trident Moon, Sultans of the Street, Brothel # 9, Roshni, Letters to my Grandma and Pyaasa. She holds Masters from the University to Toronto and has been published by the Playwright’s Canada Press. Her plays and performances have won her four Dora Mavor Moore Awards along with multiple nominations. She is the recipient of the K.M.Hunter Award, RBC Emerging Artist Award, The Carol Bolt Award and The Siminovitch Protégé Prize.