Somalia Seaton
Somalia Seaton

2017 Finalist

Fall of the Kingdom Rise of the Foot Soldier

Synopsis: ‘This is our England.’

In a country where protectionism masquerades as patriotism, a new national identity is being forged. Nostalgic notions of Englishness fracture as the rallying cries of a new generation are heard on the streets. In London, an attack on a student forces her teacher to confront the uncomfortable truth lurking beneath the veneer of community cohesion.

Somalia Seaton peels away the privileged ignorance of our middle-class to expose the deep wound of cultural tension cutting through modern England.

Cast Breakdown:
Aisha (Black British, F, 17)
Archie (White English, M, 41)
Hawkins (White English, F, 39)
Shabz (Pakistani British, F, 40)
Chorus (A chorus of 3. Mixed ages. Various ethnicities. Should be played by an all female chorus or an all male chorus)

Set/Costume Requirements:
Depends on the production.

Agent: Giles Smart at United Agents

Play Service: Oberon Books

Bio: Somalia is a British writer and actress of Jamaican and Nigerian parentage, born and raised in South-East London. She trained at East 15 Acting School on the BA(Hons) Acting and Contemporary theatre course. She is Artistic Director of No Ball Games Allowed, a company creating work with young people at its core and collaborates regularly with companies producing similar work. Her debut play Crowning Glory was shortlisted for the 2014 Alfred Fagon Award. Her work has been produced by Clean Break, The RSC and The Yard. She is currently under commission to Talawa & The Bush, Tonic Theatre and The Tricycle.

Her writing credits include; Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the Footsoldier (RSC), House (Clean Break – Assembly Rooms – Edinburgh/ The Yard London), Love Letter to the Cloud Seekers (National Youth Theatre), Curly Fries and Bass (The Lyric/Harts Theatre), Mama’s Little Angel – Staged reading (The Yard Theatre,) Hush Little baby (Open Works Theatre Co./Soho Theatre)