Charley Miles
Charley Miles

2017 Finalist


Synopsis: Blackthorn tells of the intense bonds that form between the only two children born to a tiny village in a generation: how they twist and strain under the pressure of their differing futures, which carry them ever further apart.

Traversing the first 30 years of life, Blackthorn questions what ‘belonging’ means when neither the person nor the place you belong to remains the same

Cast Breakdown: Him (m), Her (w)

Set/Costume Requirements: Set in a rural village, with both indoor and outdoor locations. There is no requirement to literally interpret any of the settings.

Bio: Charley is a playwright from North Yorkshire. She is currently the Channel 4 Playwright in Residence at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, where her first play Blackthorn was produced in 2016.

In 2005, she won Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Young Playwright’ award at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, and has been on residency at the North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford.