Dominique Morisseau
Dominique Morisseau

2016 Finalist

Skeleton Crew

Synopsis: Skeleton Crew is Dominique Morisseau’s third play in her Detroit trilogy.  The story centers around a makeshift family of workers at the last exporting auto plant in the city as they navigate the possibility of foreclosure. Power dynamics shift when the line between blue collar and white collar gets blurred, and the workers are pushed to the limits of their survival.

Cast Breakdown:
FAYE – Black woman, mid-late 50’s, Working class woman. Tough and a lifetime of dirt beneath her nails. Somewhere, deep compassion.
DEZ- Black man, mid-late 20’s, Working class man. Young hustler, playful, street savy, and flirtatious.. Somewhere, deeply sensitive.
SHANITA- Black woman, mid-late 20’s, Working class young woman. Pretty but not ruled by it. Hard-working. By-the-books. Believes in the work she does. Also, pregnant. Somewhere, a beautiful dreamer.
REGGIE- Black man, late 30’s. White collar man. Studious. Dedicated. Compassionate. The Foreman. Somewhere, a fire brims.

Set/Costume Requirements:
Costume:  Hard hats, worker vests and everyday working clothes is most necessary.
Set:  Bulletin board, signs, a refrigerator, an electric heater, lockers, and a break-room table.


Agent: Jonathan Mills

Bio: Dominique Morisseau, Playwright/Actress, is alumni of the Public Theater Emerging Writer’s Group,  Women’s Project Lab, and Lark Playwrights Workshop. Credits include: Skeleton Crew (Sundance; Lark  Barebones; Atlantic Theater Company (Scott Rudin); Detroit ’67 (Public Theater, Classical Theatre of  Harlem/NBT); Sunset Baby (Gate Theater; LAByrinth Theatre); Follow Me To Nellie’s (O’Neill; Premiere  Stages). She has produced other original works with the Hip Hop Theater Festival, Penn State University,  American Theatre of Harlem and The New Group. Her 3-play cycle, entitled “The Detroit Projects”  include Detroit ’67, Paradise Blue, and Skeleton Crew. Paradise Blue premiered at the Williamstown  Theatre Festival in July 2015 starring Blair Underwood and directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson.  Dominique is currently the Story Editor on the Showtime series Shameless. Awards: Jane Chambers  Playwriting Award, two-time NAACP Image Award, Primus Prize commendation, Stavis Playwriting  Award, Spirit of Detroit Award, U of M Emerging Leader Award, Weissberger Award, PoNY Fellowship,  Sky-Cooper New American Play Prize, The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation Award, and the Edward  M. Kennedy Prize for Drama